Take me to TULUM


I’ve always been a huge fan of Mexico for a quick budget getaway. Beautiful beaches and margaritas 24/7? YES PLEASE! This past May, I was gifted an amazing 4-day getaway to Tulum, Mexico, as a graduation present from my man. So, before I begin to rant about the million reasons why I LOVE Tulum, just take note that this place isn’t your average “Cabo” or “Cancun” vacation. Tulum in my book, is in its own world and it is magical. The beaches are miles long and crystal clear, it’s a place of leisure for sure. Whether you’re exploring the photogenic spots with your girls, or having a romantic getaway with your person, this place is a must see. Here is a little run down of my 4 day Tulum vacation and hopefully you will be planning your trip after reading!

While you’re strolling the streets, or riding a bike (you must, everyone does!) take your time and stroll on in to all the little shops. These aren’t like the typical Mexico touristy shops, these boutiques keep up with the trend, and you will most likely walk away with something new for your closet! I honestly can say; every street and corner has its own hidden gem. Tulum is like a picture heaven dream, there are SO many cute backdrops and scenic views to take a fun picture of or with! There are plenty of places as you’re walking along the main road to stop and take a picture, and grab a drink!


When traveling to Tulum, you will be flying into Cancun’s airport. I HIGHLY recommend you book ahead of time your transportation to your hotel. Not too many people at the airport want to drive people all the way to Tulum because it’s about two and a half hours away. It’s a smooth and easy drive, but lengthy because you’re making your way over to the Yucatan Peninsula. When we finally arrived at our hotel, O Tulum, the beauty made that drive feel all the worth. It was seriously the cutest boutique hotel I’ve ever stayed at! I will note, we stayed here because we thought it was on the hotel row, but it’s NOT. That was the only downside to staying here. If you want the real Tulum experience, I recommend you staying at a hotel on their main road. It makes getting around to the beaches, shopping, and food a whole lot easier! Staying at a hotel on the beach is pricey, but if you can then, ball out! I would recommend staying in one of Tulum’s cute boutique hotels rather than an Airbnb, because they are so unique and cute, it’s part of the Tulum experience. The taxi rides are NOT cheap there. There are so many cute hotels, and trust me, you will have a hard time deciding between them all! They are all fun and unique, and they make the Tulum experience. I would recommend staying in one of Tulum’s cute boutique hotels rather than an Airbnb, because they are so unique and cute, it’s part of the Tulum experience.


So… onto my favorite part about this trip, the FOOD. I literally cannot tell you how impressed I was with the food there. It was like I walked into my fantasy world of foods all in one place. If you like fresh pressed juices, acai bowls, and then of course TACOS, then this is your food heaven. I was surprised to see every menu serving fresh pressed juices. Let me tell you, best pressed juices ever. If you go in the Summer time, the heat is brutal and these juices (as well as a cold beer or fruity cocktail) will hit the spot for you. My favorite brunch spot, was Posada Marghertita. This place can be a hidden gem because it was easy to walk past and not think anything went beyond the décor. Let me tell you, it was my absolute FAVORITE spot and I could have gone there every day if I could. It was on my list of places to eat and see, and I totally understood why. It was dreamy. From the décor, to the beach view and sitting arrangements, you honestly couldn’t ask for more! Their menu was too cute, it had little drawings of the food plates as their way of displaying their food listings. They also served fresh pressed juices! I ordered the Green Punch, and it was very refreshing. The portions of food were perfect per person. I love love love Posada Margherita! A couple other places you should definitely checkout is: Casa Jaguar, Gitanos for drinks, for a fancy romantic dinner Mi Amor Raw Love, Minas. Honestly though, every little place there has their own specialty and uniqueness I would recommend stopping at each place and stand to try a little something, I tried to do that as much as possible!



Almost everywhere we went was CASH ONLY! And finding ATM’s there wasn’t the easiest. You can pay in pesos or US dollars, but I will say they hound you a tad to pay in pesos.


Since I didn’t stay in the hotel zone, I can give you a few tips on how to have a nice and relaxing beach day! Most hotels, unless super busy and crowded, will let you use their beach side lounge chairs and cabanas if you buy a few things drinks! They are super welcoming, but want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself with a cold cocktail in your hand. If you didn’t stay in the hotel zone and you’re worried about transportation back and forth, I will say it’s a tad tricky. We stayed about 4-6 miles from the beach, and was told it could be roundtrip close to $100 for a taxi ride. So, in that case, we ended up renting a car for only $60/day and got ourselves to the beach nor problem! The only hard part was parking. They are very strict on parking there. We talked to a few people and found out you can park for free all day at Ziggy’s Beach Club, OR if you eat at Posada Margherita, you can park in the lost across the street from them for about 50 pesos all day! But make sure if you are renting a car, you always park where you’re allowed because they are known to fine you, and in Tulum they strip one of the license plates and it’s a huge ordeal especially if you’re renting a car.


If you’re into history, then you MUST go see the Ancient Mayan Ruins! Matt always used to drag me to some type of historical place no matter where we were, because he loves that stuff. I’m not a huge fan at all, but the Mayan Ruins was awesome. We did quite a few Mayan activities…

  1. Chichen Itza: One of the 7 Wonders of the World is right in the heart of Tulum. We took a tour guide and learned all about the history of the Mayan Pyramids. It was mind blowing. I highly recommend you do this because
  2. Sacred Cenote: If you book the Chichen Itza guided tour guide, they will take you here after. I recommend booking the guided tour so that you really learn all the details. This cenote is so beautiful, it was breath taking. Located at the pre-Columbian Maya archaeological site.
  3. Underwater Mayan Snorkel Tour: You can book it with the same guide tour as the rest, or with another company. Your hotel will be able to provide you with all the information that you need. This was the highlight for me! I’m a HUGE snorkel freak so this was an experience. You get to see all the Mayan statues underwater and learn the history about all that as well.

Reminiscing on this adventure seriously has me planning on when I can go back. Tulum became one of my newest favorite places to travel to for sure!

See you soon Tulum! xx

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