Kauai Trip Essentials to Look and Feel GOOD


This past Summer I traveled to Kauai, one of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands ever. I’ve been going to Hawaii during the Summer time since I was a little girl, so I have definitely had my fair share of blistering sun burns and crazy sun spots. I do have a little more sensitive skin because I have a skin disease called eczema, so my skin gets really dry and irritated easily. I get the WORST sun spots all over my body due to it, but this past trip I used a few new products that I think did a damn good job of scaring away my sunspots! I want to share all of these amazing products that I use, and you will be able to click the links to all of the products to get your own!


On top of hiding my face as much as I possibly could…

  • Morning routine! 
    • Wash face, then use Skin Ceuticals Serum 10 AOX+. This product is a little bottle of heaven. When on vacation or at home, I use this everyday in the morning to cleanse my face of all the dirt particles in the air. Everyday your skin absorbs dirt from the environment and this serum really cleans it out and protects from environmental damage. It’s a great introductory vitamin C serum if your skin is new to it all!
    • Skin Ceuticals Phyto+ – If you have skin discoloration, this one is all for you.  This is EXCELLENT to have on vacation to help your skin balance out the pigment and to prevent from getting sunspots. This soothing gel has botanical extracts to help improve the skins GLOW.
  • Night routine! 
    • I love my face masks after being in the sun all day! This mask by Herbivore Botanicals, Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone mask was perfect for my Kauai trip. It smelled like the Hawaiian air, and really left a glow to my face. It definitely stings a little and has a tingly sensation when you’re using it right after being in the sun all day, but it leaves your skin with a smooth and glowing complexion.
    • Following this, I reapply the Skin Ceuticals Phyto+ so that it really absorbs throughout the night.
    • Lastly, I used the Rodan and Fields Sooth Regimen. I only use Bottle #2: Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment. I LOVE this regimen because it really does the job when it comes to moisturizing. It has the smoothest texture, and it seriously does the job on your face. I apply this religiously every night before going to bed. IT’S AMAZING.
    • TONER TIME! My favorite mist for a summer vacation is by Herbivore Botanicals – Jasmine Mist. It contains aloe, jasmine, and green tea! All the refreshers and skin toning enhancers in one single bottle.
  • Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil – LOVE the way this bronze gets! I have a problem with my tans getting close to black by the end of my vacation. But I always want it to be that bronze golden color! When I used Bali Body cacao tanning oil, it gave me the perfect glow. It also SMELLS amazzzzing!
  • Bali Body Bronzing Lotion – If we were going out to explore, I put on some of this to die for bronzing lotion all over my body.  I loved it because it didn’t rub all over my clothes, and it was so thin and easy to apply. It gave my skin a light but perfect glow for the day!
  • Sun Bum After Sun Lotion – After my shower, I applied this lotion all over my body. It’s so refreshing, and sealed in my tan. It also smells heavenly.

I loved using all of these products from day to night! A lot of them were first timers over this trip, but I instantly fell in love. I highly recommend trying them out, and using more of each of the lines products! If you haven’t already, check out my blog post on my Kauai trip. You can find some tips on beaches, places to eat and drink, and fun activities!

A Week in Kauai …..Mahalo!

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