NYC Girls Trip: 3 Day City Guide


This is the city that has my heart. When I’m feeling stressed and confused, this is the place I go to find myself all over again. Something about feeling so small in this beautiful big city gives me inspiration. I don’t have any family that lives there, no close friends, and my job doesn’t have any connections there either. I have grown my own connection and love to this place. One day, my dream is to move here. I would love to live in Brooklyn for six months during the winter. Call me crazy, Winter in New York?! YES. I LOVE IT.

I’ve been here a few times all for different reasons. Back in the day I would go for soccer tournaments, I’ve vacationed here with my fiancé, but this past trip was my first GIRLS TRIP! We did New York in three days. This city is so big, you definitely need more time than three days to see it all, but we covered most of the spots we hoped to see and do. My girls trip also turned into the most special trip in my life, because I also GOT ENGAGED! I will talk all about that in a separate blog post, so be sure to go check that one out. I could go on and on right now about the whole engagement, but I’ll get back to the trip!

We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.  This was my second time staying here. I love the location, it’s in the middle of everything. Walking distance from fifth avenue, the Empire State building, Rockefeller center, Times Square, etc. It was a  block away from Grand Central station, so you have easy access to the subway. It’s so convenient and nice if you want to take a day trip to Brooklyn! Taking the subway is a must while your there, you gotta feel like a true city gal!

We did a little bit of everything in these short three days. Here’s a quick guide of our favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and stroll! Quick tip: We went in November and it was already pretty chilly. No snow, but layering was a must, and a scarf was our best friend.



Sarabeth’s : We went for brunch, and it was delish! We had to wait for a good 15-20 minutes, but it was so worth it. There are multiple locations but we went to the Upper East Side one so that we can walk the cute streets surrounding it. While we were there, we saw the beautiful Anne Hathaway eating with her adorable family.


Bubby’s : The pancake stacks were huge! But SO delish. This is another location that has multiple restaurants, but we chose the one in the meat packing district. I have never walked around this area before, but it had cute shops to stroll around while waiting for your table! If you’re into a little pampering, there was a Lauderée around the corner.


Gran Electric : This place was so cute, and the cocktails were amazing. This mexican restaurant is in Brooklyn, so if you’re in the area definitely make a stop here!

The View : 48 stories up, and a 360 degree view of the city was the perfect dinner to end the trip. This was where my fiancé took me on our last night. It was beautiful, the food was good, drinks were great, and service was the best! It’s pricey, but not as bad given your ambiance and the spectacular view.

NoMo SoHo : We couldn’t have chosen a better place for a girls night out. We had high expectations about this place, seeing it all over Instagram and hearing from friends, and it was totally worth it. We went for dinner, and trust me, MAKE RESERVATIONS. We sat at the bar for about an hour waiting for our table. The bar area was perfect for our wait. It had a modern trendy vibe, and you can sit a booth tables and order off the same exact menu as the actual restaurant while you waited. The bartender created each of us our dream drink, and really made our experience amazing. GO TO NoMo!

St. Cloud Rooftop Bar : Located right above Times Square, in the Knickerbocker Hotel. You can overlook Time Square while sippin’ on a shmancy cocktail.

Joe & The Juice : HOLY MOLY. This place had THE BEST latte I’ve ever had. I added an expresso shot, and sugar, and it was heaven in my mouth. I went back two days in a row after discovering this place. There was one right by Central Park West, so it was the perfect drink to grab and go while on a stroll around Central Park.


Places To See

Since this trip was only 3 days, we tended to stroll around a little more rather than do sight seeing. It was a girls trip, we wanted to see the pretty streets and find drinks along the way, duh! I’ll give a list of all my favorite places that I think everyone needs to see in general when you’re in the city. When you’re booking or planning your trip, go through this list to categorize out what type of trip you are trying to make out of it. More museums, seeing the parks, trying food places, or SHOPPING, you can pick a whole itinerary for a week out of this!

Soho : If you’re a shopper, you MUST come here. The cutest streets you will ever stroll. I love walking cobblestone streets. Being able to see small shops to designer shops left to right is a girls dream. Also, you HAVE to get your instagram pic strolling SoHo, of course!


Washington Square Park : It’s such a cute little park. I feel as if it’s over looked a lot, but it shouldn’t be at all. The arch makes for a beautiful pictures! If you need a good shot, this place is perfect.

Central Park : SO, this park is absolutely HUGE. You can start on one end of the park, and end at a totally different area of New York. I really love strolling it as a way to get myself from the West side to the East side, etc. I people watch big time, I know so weird, but it makes for a perfect place to stroll. You get to see a couple known places in there as well! Like the Friends fountain! Go re-live your inner nineties self and pretend your Monica and Rachel 🙂 If you go during the Winter, you can go Iceskating in the beautiful rink in the heart of the park!

Fifth Avenue : It’s miles long, but that street is the real hustle and bustle of the city!  Tell your cab driver you want to go to fifth avenue, and have him drop you off at The Rockefeller so you can see the whole strip from end to end. Then go about your shopping fantasy, it has EVERYTHING. If you click on the link it takes you straight to your 5th Avenue directory!

Empire State Building : Personally, I think you should go here at least once in your life! The View is spectacular, and you really do feel like you’re on top of the city. If you were/are a Gossip Girl fan, wouldn’t you want to see Chuck Bass’ view? xx

Bryant Park : If you’re in midtown area, stop by this cute park! Grab yourself a bite to eat from one of the cute shops nearby and have yourself a relaxing stroll. If you’re in the area during Christmas time, this is where they have the Christmas Walk! There’s tents set up around for food, hot coco or cider, gift shops and a huge ice rink!

-Met Steps : The first time I went here, I definitely felt a little Blaire Waldorf moment. Instagram shot? This place is a must!

9/11 Memorial : This place should have a spot in everyones heart. The memorial is beautiful and so heartfelt. You must do the museum if you have time, or plan to do it at some point. You will walk out with a heavy heart, but this place will forever be remembered. I never come to New York without stopping by here.

-Brooklyn Bridge : Hop on a train to Dumbo, and walk to the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the most amazing view you will ever see. Going around sunset is my favorite, and seeing the city light up at night. It’s breathtaking. Brooklyn will always have a special place in my heart because that’s where Matt proposed.


Other places you should definitely see:

-Upper East Side

-Flat Iron Building

-Rockefeller Center

-Times Square

-Madison Square Garden

I can talk about New York for forever long! I hope this helped you plan your next trip to the city, or at least urge you to start looking up flights to catch the next plane out! If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’d love to help you out!

Ps. My Engagement blog post is here!! I’m so excited to share with you my special moment. It was literally like a movie, I wish I could relive it everyday.


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