Happy New Year everyone! Yes I admit I am a little late on the resolution game, but in my mind, this is the start to a new year for me. I am officially a full-time blogger + content creator!!! I still make my bracelets for KYSS Bracelets, so my time is split between the two passions that I have. It’s still scary and crazy to grasp my mind around the fact that I left my full-time job to do blogging and grow my jewelry biz, but something all of a sudden last year hit me and I knew it was time. I will get into more detail on all the factors of being able to leave a full-time job, in another blog post in the soon future, but for now let’s talk about some new year resolutions.

I feel like this year is going to be a year of growth and change. So when I was writing out my list of resolutions, some of them definitely sounded cliché, but it’s because I’ll actually have time to set my priorities straight and get these little things done. I highly recommend everyone to sit down every so often, especially the beginning of the year, and regroup. Think about what you can improve on, things you never did that you want to do, what did you accomplish, things you’re doing great on and how to keep that motivation going, and what new goals do you hope to accomplish. Then create a resolution list based off those thoughts and ideas. Keep that list in a spot where you won’t lose it, and scratch the checklist off as you go. It’s a great way to see yourself succeed, and a great motivation tactic to help you achieve those goals! It’s so easy to make a list and not follow through with them, so put that list in a place where it basically smacks you in the face overtime. The fridge, your desk, or even frame it and put it on your night stand?!

Before I started making my list, I personally wanted it to serve as a guide to form a new routine in my life and help make this change easier and help run things smoother.

  1. Get my ass back into shape. Go to the gym at least twice a week.
  2. Continue cooking dinner four times a week. I love being domestic and learning new recipes, so this is something I want to continue doing.
  3. Write 2-3 blog posts a week. That means I need all the engagement from you all, YOU are who inspires my ideas to write!
  4. Do the laundry before it overflows the basket. This is with all seriousness.
  5. Go to one new place a week (local) and check it out. I’m scared I will become too much of a homebody and get attached to the couch or office.
  6. Save money. This year especially, since leaving my job I won’t have a consistent paycheck, I will not spend more than I should. Buy more valuable and timeless things, and DEF not go to home goods or world market once a week.
  7. Assess all of my home projects: Kitchen + Bathroom + Office
  8. Plan at least four date nights a month with Matt.
  9. Grow my blog, and gain and organic following of people who genuinely love what I’m about.
  10. NETWORK. Take advantage of my open schedule, schedule all the meet-ups, events, etc., to put a face and name to my blog.
  11. Spend quality time with my two little siblings. I have two 3 year old sisters, and I want them to grow up never feeling like an only child.

So there we go! Here are my 2019 Resolutions. Some may seem less significant than the other, but like I said before, I have time now, so those smaller things better get done or I’m slacking. I hope you all set aside some time to think and regroup what you want to see in 2019 for yourselves. One tip I will give is – BUY YOURSELF A PLANNER. I will give you a few that I LOVE, so please go pick one and buy one. It helps organize my life sooo much! Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to getting shit done.

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